Sarah Barrett

Chief of Staff

Sarah Barrett has been managing, coordinating, organizing, and assisting business workflows in the tech and media industries for over 15 years. She is extremely organized and efficient, and she excels at keeping people and business production on track. Sarah provides support to our Founding Partners and to the whole team with a cheerful, get-things-done attitude. She facilitates interdepartmental cooperation and collaboration by performing administrative functions and scheduling to get everyone on the same page.

Sarah is proud to be joining a movement that is shaping a remarkable industry; an industry that is being built and supported by women, minorities, and different ethnicities to compassionately help people find a natural remedy for life wellness.

This 3rd generation Colorado native spends the majority of her down time with her husband, daughter, and two wiener dogs. Sarah enjoys gardening, hiking in the mountains, going to concerts at Red Rocks, and winning at Monopoly.

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Boulder, CO



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