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Medical Marijuana Consultants – Licensing, Business Development & Facility Design

Medical marijuana is considered the fastest-growing industry in the United States. The potential for sales as well as ancillary businesses surrounding the growing, manufacturing and distribution of cannabis is enormous and being expanded by legitimate research, new regulations and medical breakthroughs.

The first step in starting a medical marijuana business is often to win a license in your state. It is typically a complex application process, similar to a giant government RFP, reviewed in every detail, and requiring an expert understanding of not only the process, but all the design, security, cultivation, distribution, labeling, packaging and tracking details of compliance.

Canna Advisors is committed to helping you get your license application approved – and then assisting you in all the particulars of getting your operation up and running as quickly as possible. Using our personal experience, expertise and proven methods, you can avoid many of the costly pitfalls and maximize your return on investment.


Canna Advisors provides services in the following areas:

License Application & Procurement

Applying for and obtaining your local and state licenses is your first hurdle to starting your own cannabis business.

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Business Development

We have partnered with subject-matter experts who can contribute to your success along with our own advisors who have already built operations, installed the required processes and won licenses in multiple states.


Facility Design Consultation

One area where Canna Advisors outshines the rest is in facility design and construction. We have in-house experts in cannabis cultivation and a background in commercial construction and development.

Investor Advisement - Size Adjusted

Investor Advisement

The marijuana industry is new. There may not be reliable financial statements to analyze, you may not know what credentials or experience the management needs, or what regulations may impact your investment.

83% Success Rate

We’ve helped clients in numerous states develop well –
constructed winning marijuana license applications. See how we’ve done in each of the states we’ve worked in:

Nevada: 8 Clients / 8 wins
Illinois: 3 Clients / 2 wins
Massachusetts: 6 Clients / 4 wins
Connecticut: 1 Clients / 1 wins

A Visual Map with an Overlay of all Cannabis License Applications Won by State

Now taking applications for Pennsylvania, Ohio and California


Canna Advisors' Jay and Diane Czarkowski

Expertise You Can Rely On

Founding partners, Diane and Jay Czarkowski, have been working in this industry since 2009 and have compiled what they’ve learned as owners, investors and consultants into the body of work they share with clients. From the licensing application process to hiring, designing, marketing and developing your business, you will benefit from expert guidance that makes a difference.

If you’re an investor, Diane and Jay are instrumental in making connections and getting you the information you need to evaluate a potential opportunity. An experienced team makes all the difference in your long-term investment success.

Contact us for more information or call 720.708.3154 to speak with one of our consultants to discuss your next steps.

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What our clients say

The Canna Advisor team helped us review millions of square feet of warehouse inventory and identify the best cultivation solution for our application in Massachusetts. Their hands-on, practical experience in the cannabis industry also assisted our team with building relationships with local officials.

- Aaron Hussey, President, Costal Compassion, Inc.

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- John Doe

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