Alabama: Tentative Rules and Regulation Timeline

License Application Window in Alabama Opens on September 1, 2022

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) met on May 12, 2022, at 1:00 CST to provide an update to the overall Alabama medical marijuana program. The state’s regular series of workshops detailing application and licensing has progressed smoothly. 

The biggest announcement from the recent AMCC meeting was the release of the Tentative Rules and Regulations Timeline:

(See the latest timeline of key dates and deadlines..)

June 21

AMCC submits rules to Legislative Services Agency (LSA) for publication

June 30

Notice of Intended Action – 35 day period for public comment begins on date of publication of the Administrative Monthly and continues for 35 calendar days before the rule may be adopted

August 5 

Public Comment period ends

August 11

AMCC meets/Adopts rules as published or as amended

August 19 

Adopted rules submitted for publication

August 31

Date of publication of rules as adopted, which will be effective 45 days after notice that the rule has been certified is published in the Alabama Administrative Monthly (subject to review by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rule Review)

September 1

Application window begins (for all 6 types of medical marijuana licenses – Integrated / Vertical, Cultivation (Grower), Processing, Dispensary (Retail), Secure Transporter, Testing Laboratory)

(Update: these dates have now been clarified and further defined. See key dates and deadlines.)

October 17

Rules become effective

The tentative medical marijuana licensing timeline allows individuals to plan accordingly for the upcoming license application round but it begs the question, how does one account for the rules becoming effective October 17 when the application window begins September 1


While it is likely the rules submitted in August will not be subject to dramatic change by October, there is the potential for rules to change and affect the application itself. 

This will require flexibility and planning, and the team at Canna Advisors is prepared for the challenge—are you?

Contact our team to be sure you’re ready to submit your winning license application.


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