Canna Advisors Front Line – Meet Cassie and Bob

August 21, 2018

Cassie Proper and Bob Wagener are Canna Advisors’ two main points of contact for our office operations.

Cassie takes care of the office, the bookkeeping, and our team members, making sure everything and everyone is operating efficiently. Bob communicates with potential clients who call us and lets them know how we help cannabis entrepreneurs in every phase of their business to determines the best plan of action for their specific business needs. Get a glimpse of their out-of-office worlds below, and give us a call if you need help with your cannabis business.

Cassie Proper, Office Manager

cassie outside office

Cassie Proper with family

What is your role at Canna Advisors?
Aside from bookkeeping and ordering food and supplies, I participate in administrative functions, providing production assistance and support to ensure workflow efficiency and spur creative efforts.

What inspired you to work in the cannabis industry?
My strong belief in getting the medicine to the people. I have always considered cannabis as an herbal remedy and therefore have always believed that it should be in everyone’s garden. Being involved in the cannabis industry gives me an opportunity to advocate and educate.

What job(s) were you doing before joining Canna Advisors?
I began originating mortgages as soon as I graduated from high school and ended that career fifteen years later as a forensic underwriter. I lost passion in the lending industry as millions of Americans lost their homes from 2009 – 2011. Cannabis legalization came to Colorado and boom, something to believe in!

What’s the best thing about working at Canna Advisors?
How much I respect Diane and Jay Czarkowski. The reality of how hard and how much we work can wear on you, especially when you have a family at home. Jay and Diane treat their employees like a family. They lead by example and share their passion about standing by the plant. The integrity and compassion coupled with the good work we do for cannabis nationally makes it easier to give 40+ hours to Canna Advisors.

Most interesting situation you’ve worked through?
In my first three weeks of employment here at Canna, we went to MJBizCon in Las Vegas. I had never been to a convention of this size and was the first to the hall. From the time I stepped in the hall, it was fire after fire. Most of our equipment was damaged in the shipment. I had 8 hours to source and replace furniture and equipment. The phrase “baptized by fire” most certainly applies, but it was my time to shine and show the Czarkowskis that they had made the right decision to hire me.

Tell us something you do every day, without fail:
Kiss my son, Koa, and walk my dog.

Describe a really big accomplishment:
Being a mom. Seriously, it’s not easy.

Where are you from?
Sixth generation native to Colorado.

What cities have you lived in?
Palma, Mallorca – Jakarta, Indonesia – Denver, CO

What do you do in your spare time?
Koa and I are roller coaster enthusiasts and we travel the United States looking for the fastest and highest. We have been to Disney World and Disney Land, Cedar Point, Adventure Land, Universal Studios Orlando and Los Angeles, and of course all local parks and carnivals.

Tell us a little about your family:
I have an amazing son (I get told pretty regularly) named Koa, and a Boxer named Cassius. Both equal parts of my heart.

What are you watching right now?
Bob’s Burgers and SurvivorMan.

Interesting/little-known/unique fact(s) about you?
I can grow very pretty flowers.

Bob Wagener, VP of Business Development

bob wagener outside office

Bob Wagener enjoying the outdoors

What is your role at Canna Advisors?
I work with clients to understand their objectives so we can properly match Canna Advisors services to meet client needs.

What inspired you to work in the cannabis industry?
First and foremost a belief that a natural plant should not be illegal causing the incarceration of, and ruining the lives of, thousands of people. Secondly, the exciting and historic opportunity to work in the conversion of an industry from illegal black market to a legally regulated industry employing thousands and contributing to society.

Favorite part of your job?
I enjoy meeting clients in the early stages of development and working with them from dream to reality. It’s so satisfying to see these businesses get up and running and then think back to our first conversations.

What’s the best thing about working at Canna Advisors?
Diane and Jay have done an incredible job of creating and maintaining a positive and productive culture. As a business, we move from deadline to deadline under a great deal of pressure. Even under constant pressure, the entire company works as a team, supporting each other and doing what it takes to get the job done right.

Describe a really big accomplishment:
I spent several years renovating a 200-year-old historic farm house and barn. Through the years of work, I had a picture in my mind of what it would look like when I was done. I thought I’d own it forever and retire there someday. After 8 years, I walked into the farm yard on a spring morning and took in a 360-degree view of the farm. It was exactly what I had always pictured. I was done. I sold the farm several weeks later and moved on. I had other lives to live.

Where are you from? If not from Colorado, what brought you here?
I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and then moved to New Jersey as a boy. I grew up and went to college in New Jersey. I then worked in the New York City area for over 15 years.

What cities have you lived in?
While working out of NYC, I bought a 100-acre horse farm in upstate New York, which I renovated and operated for 8 years as a hobby. It was there I met my wife who had grown up locally. After selling the farm, we moved to Chicago where I worked as an International VP of Sales for a large international manufacturing company. After a few years in Chicago, I reluctantly accepted a one-year contract to join a small tech company in Colorado, thinking we would move back east once that work was done. That was over 10 years ago, and we now consider Colorado our permanent home.

What do you do in your spare time?
My wife, son and I are outdoor enthusiasts enjoying camping, biking, hiking, climbing, paddle boarding and more. We get out just about every weekend. When not out and about I enjoy making homemade wine and pasta.

Tell us a little about your family:
My wife, Erin, and I have been married for 15 years. Our son Atticus just started high school. We have two dogs.

Travel memories?
I did a ton of business travel when my son was young. By the time he was two, he had been from Hawaii to Maine and down to Florida. He took his first steps in the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. He won’t remember any of it, but we have all the pictures to prove it!


Favorite quote(s): “Too much sanity may be madness – and maddest of all – to see life as it is – and not as it ought to be.” – Cervantes

Favorite author(s)? John Steinbeck, Robert Persig, Miguel Cervantes

Favorite sound? Classic record albums, played on a turntable connected to real wooden cabinet speakers.

Favorite place? Around a campfire in the mountains under a sky filled with stars.

Favorite food(s)? We enjoy cooking at home with real ingredients. I have a wide range of favorite foods but it has to be real, not from a box, can, or package. However, I’m not above sneaking in some fast food every so often.

Favorite way to consume cannabis? I can’t smoke like I once did. I enjoy low temperature vape pens, liquids and edibles. I really appreciate the growth of the legal industry which has led to broader options for consumption.

Will you share an item or two on your bucket list?
I want to take two months and do a motorcycle tour all around the US visiting friends and family.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Flying. It would be great to soar through the sky and see the world from above. Plus, it would make the morning commute a lot easier.

If you were a MLB player, what would your walkout song be?
The Ava Maria played on violin. I’d rather lower my opponent’s adrenalin than pump it up.

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