Canna Advisors Podcast #1

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Minutes – In this episode you will find –

00:25 – Introduction.
02:25 – Background on Boulder Kind Care.
04:20 – How Canna Advisors was formed.
05:15 – 2012, a turning point in the cannabis industry.
06:58 – An introduction to Vangst Talent Network.
08:30 – The transition from Gradjuana to Vangst and an explanation on how network recruiting works.
10:20 – “The Original Vangsters.”
11:00 – Tips for connecting with people in the industry.
12:15 – What it is like starting a company in this industry.
13:57 – Where Does Jay Czarkowski see the industry going?
15:20 – How will the industry reach its full potential?
17:30 – Recap of the Marijuana Business Crash Course.
18:54 – The growing pains of being an industry powerhouse/ overcoming “the cannabis hurtle.”
22:10 – Karson’s experience from The Cannabist Show
22:34 – The world’s largest cannabis career fair is coming to Los Angeles.
24:50 – How to relate your previous career experience to the cannabis industry.
25:20 – The differences between finding a cannabis job in Colorado versus California.
26:10 – The California cannabis market.
29:10 – The DEA’s decision not to reschedule cannabis.
31:15 – The U.S. Government’s patent on medical cannabis.
32:00 – Vote to bring a cannabis topic to South By Southwest Conference!
33:30 – NFL Players and their involvement in the cannabis industry.
35:50 – The irony of Ezekiel Elliot’s dispensary shopping scandal.
37:20 – “The NFL hands out opioids like breath mints.”
37:40 – Shakespeare was probably smoking weed.
38:45 – Colombia University studied the efficacy of cannabis for pain management and found a striking difference between men and women.
39:25 – What happened to diabetic rats that used CBD?
40:20 – Connect with Vangst Talent Network at their upcoming fairs in Vancouver, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.

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