Days of Thanks / Days of Giving 2021: Week 2

For Week 2 of this year’s Days of Thanks / Days of Giving, our team members selected three organizations that support children and youth.


Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation

Sarah Barrett, Chief of Staff, selected the mental health fund of Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation. As the mother of a teen, Sarah wants to support mental health needs that have increased during COVID-19.

More about the effort:

“Children’s Hospital Colorado declared a “State of Emergency” for pediatric mental health in May – a first in our more than 110-year history.

We’ve reached a critical juncture in our ability to address the pediatric mental health crisis:

  • Suicide is the leading cause of death for kids starting at age 10 in Colorado, and thoughts of suicide or a suicide attempt are among the top reasons that patients come to our emergency departments
  • Only 21% of children with a diagnosable mental health condition will receive treatment or therapy
  • Many pediatricians lack the resources and experience to diagnose or treat kids with mental health issues

These sobering facts highlight the magnitude of the youth mental health crisis and the need for change.”


Boy Scouts of America

A proponent of lifelong learning and self-improvement, Brian Hart, Project Manager, selected Boy Scouts of America to help youth reach their full potential. 

From Cub Scout programs for grades K-5 to Scouts BSA for youth 11-17 years old, Boy Scouts of America teaches service, community engagement, and leadership skills.


enjuba Spelling Bee

Bailey Booth, Client Services Administrator picked enjuba Spelling Bee whose mission is “improving learning outcomes through literacy and 21st century life skills.” The specific project that Bailey wants to support is printing and delivering 20,000 books to reach over 60,000 children in rural Uganda. The books will help children whose schools have been closed because of COVID-19 continue learning as they have no access to electricity and computers. 

“I chose this organization because I have a good friend who does a lot of work for them, always sharing her experience with me and the amazing things her job is doing for Enjuba.” — Bailey Booth


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