Delaware Cannabis: Plan For A Big Market With Limited Space

Large Cannabis Potential Across a Small Geography

We have some heavy hitters in the cannabis industry. There are massive states, both physically and geographically, which have legalized cannabis (California and New York come to mind), but we have plenty of newer, smaller states entering the marketplace. And just because these states may be small, doesn’t mean they can’t have a big impact. Small markets can often be the most lucrative to business owners and can encourage creative thinking in business operations. 

For such a small state (at just 96 miles long and 35 miles at its widest point and just over 1 million residents), Delaware is expected to bring in big cannabis business. Statistics estimate that Delaware may bring in as much as $54.1 million in sales in 2025. Successes can be found even in small states, it’s just a matter of thinking outside the box and measuring that box accordingly!


How to Grow Big Plants in a Small Space

With small geographic states like Delaware, there is often physically less space to be able to cultivate cannabis. Climate needs to be considered as well as Delaware, for all its benefits, doesn’t have the consistent sunshine as other states do which can grow acres of cannabis outdoors. So, what is a cultivator to do? All this means is that it’s time to think creatively.

Build Your Cannabis Facility Up – Not Out

One of the simplest solutions for maximizing cultivation space is thinking up instead of out. While single stack grows are often the norm for cultivation, with enough height in a facility, stacked growing can be an excellent option to maximize space. Vertical growing, when done correctly, can not only be efficient from a space perspective, but also for profitability.

Proper Facility Lighting is Key to Successful Cannabis Cultivation

Lighting, always essential for cultivation, is even more important with vertical grows and many LED lights are specially designed for this type of grow. Be sure to do your research if you’re interested in vertical growing. 

Something to bear in mind when growing in a tight space is to not burn the place up. With a smaller space, there may be a drive to increase the number of lights, but again, be sure to do your research here. Lights can run very hot and need to be kept a safe distance from plants to avoid burning the buds or levels.

Processing Cannabis: Best Equipment in Restricted Space

If space is a consideration for your business, look to efficient technologies and machinery that can reduce your processing footprint. The other positive aspect of this approach is the costs may not be as high as you think when looking at space-saving equipment. The downside with this approach, however, is that not as much product may be able to be processed with smaller equipment. A rosin press, for example, can be found inexpensively and can oftentimes sit on a relatively small flat surface. But they may only process a couple grams at a time. Whereas a large, closed-loop extraction system may be able to process dozens if not even hundreds of pounds of cannabis.


Retail: You Don’t Need a Cannabis Megastore

Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better. Retail cannabis space can add up cost wise, especially if you have a desirable location with high foot traffic.  Luckily, the math is pretty simple here! Reduce your square footage and you’ll likely see a reduction in costs.

For small states like Delaware, though, this may be less of an option and more of a requirement. We’ve seen similar instances occur in larger metropolises like New York City where retail locations are at a premium.

As has become the MO for this blog, when faced with smaller retail space, it’s best to think creatively. Take into consideration the flow of customer movement. Think about the front of store and back of store demands for customer experience and staff wellbeing. And crucially, how will displays, which can often take up significant amount of precious space, be arranged.


Partner with Cannabis Experts to Plan the Perfect Business Space

In new adult-use states, property is typically one of the first things you want to start looking for as competition can be fierce especially with limited space. Partnering with a cannabis consultant to secure funding through business plans and financial models will set you up to secure a property sooner than your competition.  

Contact Canna Advisors to get started on your Delaware cannabis business or book an hourly consultation to get all your questions answered right now.

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