How Priority Scoring For New York Cannabis Licenses Works

A Head Start In the New York Cannabis Industry

Priority scoring could be your ticket to a more streamlined business licenses within the New York cannabis market. Our VP of Business Development, Bob Wagener breaks down all of the details in his quick answers video session below.


Who Qualifies For Priority Scoring?

New York state has set a goal of 50% of the licenses going to entities that are either woman-owned, minority-owned, or disabled veteran- or distressed farmer-owned.

A Potential Two-Fold Approach To Applications

According to the draft regulations, there are 2 ways they could proceed with this priority:

One is, they could open a window first for those that qualify. For example, for 30 days they’re only accepting applications from people or businesses who are diversely owned.

The other thing they could do is open the window for everybody at the same time, but as the applications come in, prioritize those that have checked that diversely-owned box, scoring them first.

Plan Now Or Risk Losing Your Priority

Because we don’t know yet which way New York will do it, we suggest that everybody be ready to submit when that window opens. Leverage our experience across 36 other states to qualify your priority business, customize your application to fit specific requirements, and have a locked down approach no matter what the priority process looks like in final form.

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