In-House Regulatory Analyst: Vince DiMichele

We love it when interns become full-time team members!

It may sound cliche, but ask around our office and our team members will genuinely tell you that our people are one of the best parts of working at Canna Advisors.

As our newest team member Vince said about his favorite part of the job:

“I promise they’re not paying me to say this but it really is the people and the culture. I truly enjoy everyone I work with and we are able to communicate effectively, efficiently, and hilariously, which makes workdays far more enjoyable than most I’ve experienced.”

Here’s a bit more about Vincent DiMichele, Regulatory Analyst:

After interning at Canna Advisors during law school, Vince joined the team full-time after graduating and serves as our in-house regulatory analyst. With his keen legal sense, Vince keeps our team equipped with the latest details of the complex legal framework related to cannabis across states.

Vince has long been passionate about cannabis and its potential for therapeutic use which led him to law school in Colorado to learn more about the industry and how it operates. His insights contribute to our team’s preparing the most compelling license applications for our clients.

Where are you from? If not from Colorado, what brought you here?

Houston, TX. I came to Colorado for the cannabis, music, and great outdoors!

What cities have you lived in?

Houston, TX – London, UK – Columbus, OH – Lakeville, CT – New Orleans, LA – Austin, TX – Boulder, CO

What do you do in your spare time?

Other than competing as the current office nerf gun target champion, I love to play music and can’t stop buying instruments. I currently own and play the guitar, ukulele, bass, piano, and ocarina.

I love to see live music. Let’s boogie!

I love to collect vinyl records and can usually be found browsing the Recent Arrivals section at Bart’s Record Store on Folsom.

I love to snowboard (winter) and hike (summer) all of Colorado’s beautiful terrain.

Tell us something you do every day, without fail:


If you were a MLB player, what would your walkout song be?

Live on Stage by Dilated Peoples

 What do you order at a bar or coffee shop?

Depends on the bar. Random bar, random choice. But if I’m drinking in uptown New Orleans, I’m having a Lunchbox, a Beamalope, and a Death in the Afternoon with my buddies Aaron and Slater.

Coffee: cafe cortado

Favorite way to consume cannabis?

This is like choosing a favorite child. Can’t do it. (But if I had to, spliffs with friends!)

If you created a cannabis strain, what would you name it?

Purple Hiccup


2019 Interns: Vince, 2nd from Left

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