Legislative & Licensing Update: April 7, 2022

MORE Act Passed the House & Conditional Licenses Awarded in New Jersey

The Summary of this week’s cannabis legislative and licensing news:

In federal news, the House passed the MORE Act — for the second time. New Jersey issued conditional cultivation and manufacturing licenses. Rule changes and social equity opportunities in Illinois. Vermont applications opened. New legislation in Minnesota and New Hampshire. Adult-use sales kicked off in New Mexico. Plus, operational and tax details in Mississippi and Missouri’s medical marijuana programs.

Get more details from Brian below.

The House of Representatives voted to federally legalize marijuana. The bill now heads to the Senate. Additionally, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to expand research on marijuana—including by letting scientists study products from dispensaries. The Senate approved a separate cannabis science bill last month.

New Jersey regulators approved the first batch of conditional marijuana cultivation and manufacturing license applications. Congratulations to those teams for passing the initial phase and moving onto their conversion.

With that said, Senate president Nick Scutari is forming a special committee to conduct oversight of what he says is a “totally unacceptable” delay in launching recreational marijuana sales in the state.

Illinois regulators proposed rules changes on the marijuana business licensing including the 2022 lottery, license distribution, applications, post lottery proof requirements, and post-issuance licensing requirements. In addition Applications for 55 more dispensary licenses will be opened to Illinois social equity applicants in late summer or early fall of 2022.

Vermont regulators began accepting applications for marijuana tier-1 cultivators, testing laboratories, and integrated licenses, and have received 427 marijuana business license prequalification applications.

Minnesota Senator Mark Koran introduced legislation to allow at least two more vertically integrated cannabis licenses.

The New Hampshire House of Representatives approved a bill to legalize marijuana and conduct sales through state-run stores. The body also defeated separate legislation to decriminalize psilocybin.

New Mexico retail sales started April 1 

The Alabama Senate Children, Youth, and Human Services Committee approved a bill to require women of “childbearing age” to show proof they’re not pregnant in order to buy medical cannabis…..one can imagine if the Committee’s convictions will move them to do the same for alcohol and tobacco.

Mississippi signed a contract to have Metrc be the state’s seed-to-sale system. Metrc will also be the seed-to-sale system for South Dakota as well.

The Missouri Senate approved a bill that includes provisions to allow medical cannabis businesses to deduct expenses on their state taxes


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