Meet Our Growing Team: Bailey and Brian

Our newest team members bring can-do attitudes and worldly perspectives to our cannabis consulting roster.

We would like you to get to know our team members beyond the basic questions of “where’d you go to school” and “where are you from”. Read on to see what makes Bailey Booth and Brian Hart tick.

Introducing Bailey Booth, Client Services Administrator

Clients will know Bailey as a source of infinite assistance during the course of a project.


Travel memories/trips of note:

Translating for doctors/nurses in Honduras; spring break with my best friends in Barcelona, Spain; exploring in Key West, Florida; childhood summers in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.          

Travel wish list: Anywhere in South America, Costa Rica, Alaska, Malta, New Zealand…. The list could go on. 


What are you watching right now?

When I have time to watch TV, I watch crime dramas (Dexter, Breaking Bad, Money Heist are my favorites) or documentaries about science, earth, space, conspiracies… 


Interesting/little-known/unique fact(s) about you?

I am left-handed! I was a competitive gymnast/cheerleader in high school. I have been skydiving twice and only expect that number to increase. I have a minor in Spanish and love the language and Spanish culture. 


Favorite quote(s)? 

 “The more we see, the more we know, the better we live” – Anon

 “Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.” – Tony Robbins

  “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” – Buddha


Favorite smells?

Cannabis, bergamot, bonfires, sauteed peppers & onions, coffee, fresh flowers.

Favorite sound?  Silence.

Favorite places?  The beach, my bed, and Red Rocks.

Favorite foods? Vegan pizza, fresh fruit, and any Asian-inspired food. 

Favorite way to consume cannabis?  Joints


Will you name a few items on your bucket list?

Live in a Spanish-speaking country; Have my own health & wellness coaching services; Consume cannabis with a famous person.


What do you order at a bar or coffee shop?  Black coffee at a coffee shop. Paloma at a bar. 

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?  Teleportation 

If you were an MLB player, what would your walkout song be?  Any song by GRiZ.

If you created a cannabis strain, what would you name it?  “Peace n Love”

Introducing Brian Hart, Project Manager

Brian’s face and insights can be seen in our video updates of cannabis legislation and licensing news. Learn more about Brian below.

What inspired you to work in the cannabis industry?

I could write pages about this. Cannabis has been a tremendous blessing in my life that helped me become more introspective and empathetic. When I would smoke cannabis I would ask important questions regarding where I am in life and what matters which ultimately led me to decide to leave a comfortable corporate job and travel the world for three and a half years. While traveling I would meet people from every background and on many occasions, I would smoke cannabis with them and learn more about them. Not only cannabis has been a blessing in being more introspective but it also helps me to this day regarding pain to a shoulder injury I have (I can show the bump, in Germany the doctors didn’t know what it is but I haven’t had it looked at in the States). I have also seen cannabis products help people with physical ailments like that of arthritis and chronic pain ranging from cancer to physical injuries. As the son of a former major in the Army who told me he would throw me out of the house if I ever brought drugs in it, working in the cannabis industry is a bit of a surprise to not only myself but to those around me. Cannabis is my passion, I truly believe it will have a net positive effect on society when it is legal and I want my life’s work to be in this industry.


Describe a really big accomplishment:

Traveling the world is probably my biggest personal accomplishment.


What cities have you lived in?

I’ve been to hundreds of cities but the ones I have lived in for more than six months would be Dallas, Austin, Denver, Heidelberg (Germany), Berlin (Germany), Munich (Germany), Villingen-Schwenningen (Germany), and Sydney (Australia).


Travel memories/trips of note or travel “wish list” (specify which, please)?

One time the Laotian military went looking for me near Pakse

Scuba diving with sharks in the Galapagos

Riding horses on the Mongolian steppe

A mini road trip in the Australian outback at Ayers Rock

Taking a boat for a few days around Ha Long Bay


Interesting/little-known/unique fact(s) about you?

Church keeps me grounded, I was born in Germany, raised in Texas, was a Life Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, am a Master Mason, went to the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas, and have a Masters degree from Hochschule Villingen-Schwenningen which is a German university.


Favorite authors?  Marcus Aurelius, Isaac Asimov, William Shakespeare 

Favorite smells?  My exchange student’s mother’s homemade Spätzle


Favorite places?

Mongolia, Vietnam, Germany, Australia, Colombia, Laos, Italy, Spain, South Africa


Favorite foods?

Schnitzel, spätzle, bánh cuốn, sushi, pho, korean bbq, foon waaddii, tacos, pizzas, homecooked Italian pasta, and burgers


Favorite way to consume cannabis?  A blunt with friends

What do you order at a bar or coffee shop?  A Moscow Mule or a Latte


If you could have any superpower, what would it be? 

Instant teleportation anywhere in the Universe


If you were an MLB player, what would your walkout song be?

Cowboys from Hell – Pantera


If you created a cannabis strain, what would you name it?

Brigitte’s Pride [named after my mom]


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