New Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses in 2021

What do we know about the pending Ohio Request for Applications?

Update from April 19 Ohio Board of Pharmacy meeting: 73 new dispensary licenses to be awarded.

Ohio will add 73 new dispensary licenses across 31 districts. They will announce the timeline and scoring details in the next several months. Stay tuned for more updates and start your business plan and financial model now.

An early February 2021 update from the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program gave notice that the Board of Pharmacy will hold a public hearing on March 12 to address new medical marijuana dispensary applications.

The newly released provisional information is brief, but here are the top 6 things we know now:

  • The Ohio Board of Pharmacy plans to release a new Request for Applications (RFA) for medical marijuana dispensaries. While the release date is not certain, we expect to see the RFA in the coming months.
  • The newly released provisional rules are brief, but the RFA will provide additional details.
  • We expect the release of the RFA to coincide with the public hearing or follow shortly thereafter.
  • Once the RFA is announced, we will know more details such as the number of licenses and how the scoring will be structured.
  • Once the RFA is announced, there will be 45 calendar days until the 10 business day submission window begins.
  • The scoring will be either competitive, a lottery, or a combination of both.

While we wait for more information to become available, our best advice is to start your business plan and financial modeling now so you’re ahead of the competition when details and the RFA are released. Let our experienced team help you take the first steps.



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