Quality Assurance & Quality Control in Cannabis

What’s the difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control? What does QA/QC mean for cannabis businesses?

Cannabis businesses in Canada and other countries with a nationally unified stance on cannabis are already familiar with GMP and QA/QC as requirements for their continued operations. However, these subjects are much less familiar to cannabis businesses currently operating within the United States, who would do well to familiarize themselves with what will surely become the standards to which they are held.

While they are often discussed in tandem, QA and QC are actually two different departments, with QA activities overseeing QC activities. The two create feedback loops of process review and amendments that, over time, refine the process in question to reduce issues and improve results.

At the most basic level:

Quality Assurance is process-oriented and prevents defects, while

Quality Control is product-oriented and identifies defects

In this Canna Advisors Thought Leadership article, our own Garrett Cropsey teaches how cannabis businesses can implement new procedures to provide a variety of tangible benefits. Topics include:

The state of QA/QC in cannabis

The difference between QA and QC

QA/QC principles for cannabis cultivation, processing, and dispensary businesses

Cannabis quality management in the future


Download the article: Quality Assurance & Quality Control in Cannabis.

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