Uniting within the Cannabis Industry

I attended an event on Monday hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association(NCIA). It was a “meet-and-greet” open to members and non-members of NCIA.

As I looked around the room of at least 50 people, I felt proud. NCIA was able to get Congressman Jared Polis and Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett to speak to the group. It was so informative and helpful. Soon, I became amazed at the scene – I was sitting in a room of cannabis business owners and they were listening to these two men about a promising future. A day that will come when we can get banking and report our taxes just like every other business. A day when we won’t have to worry about what the Federal government might do to us. It was a great feeling. I realized how much progress has been made from even just a few years ago! It makes me excited about the possibilities that await us!

If you are thinking of becoming a cannabis business owner, or are already a part of the industry, please join NCIA – they have been instrumental in the progress that has been made within the industry. By uniting, we have a stronger voice and a clear message of what this industry needs and how valuable we are to our communities.

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