What Does it Take to Be Successful in Cannabis Now?

Brand, Inventory & Purchasing, and Sales Strategies – and People

The short answer is that it isn’t any one thing – or any one person. Nor is it the same thing that worked 5 years ago or even 5 months ago. This ever-changing dynamic in cannabis is what led Taylor Stafford and Jay Czarkowski to combine forces to launch the CASA Program from Canna Advisors.

Trusted and successful advisors in cannabis operations and licensing, Taylor and Jay recognized that their combined expertise provides what it takes for cannabis entrepreneurs to be successful in the next phase of industry growth: winning a license, building a brand, building a sales-centric enterprise  –– and having the right people when you need them.

The biggest challenge between cannabis operators & profits: People

For dispensaries: There is a major shortage of experienced and successful Inventory & Purchasing Managers, Buyers, and dispensary operators to support the industry’s growth.

For wholesalers and brands: The shortage is proven cannabis industry sales executives who can build a sales-driven organization to build sustainable market share and profits.

The CASA Program offers 4 key advisory services to cultivators, processors/manufacturers, and dispensaries:

Brand & Sales Check Up

Analysis & recommendation for brand elements to achieve healthier revenues

Retail Advisory

Dispensary experts solely focused on helping you run a successful cannabis retail business

Sales Advisory

Wholesale strategies to build, scale, and cement your position in the market

Brand Building

A great story is the difference between success and failure in every segment of cannabis

CASA offers the A-team in each of these areas – only when you need them.

Building the Industry: one license, one brand, and one retail at a time.


More about Taylor Stafford:

CASA CEO & Co-Founder

Brand-builder, strategist, investor, and advisor for a multitude of leading cannabis brands across all product categories including Select, Plus, Distru, Fernway, and Shift. Taylor drove $215m+ in brand revenue over the past 5 years. Produced $150m in revenue as Head of CA for Select from 2017-2020 as the #1 selling brand In the US.


More about Jay Czarkowski:

CASA Co-Founder

Entrepreneur, investor, advocate. Jay is a trusted authority, Industry influencer and  pioneer. Built &  ran one of first vertically integrated operations in Colorado. Founder of Canna Advisors & H2 Talent. investor / equity holder in 100+ leading cannabis companies through his Trailhead fund. Helped clients in 35 states win licenses and start, grow, and exit  cannabis  businesses


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