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Green Peak: Canna Business Advice

Richard Zwicky of The Green Peak podcast on talked with founding partner Jay Czarkowski about the excitement of the Northeast cannabis markets and winning licenses for clients.

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New York’s Justice Involved Applications

The Columbia Spectator asked founding partner Jay Czarkowski for insights on New York’s justice involved adult-use licenses.

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7 Best Cannabis Stocks for 2022

U.S. News & World report covered growth expectations for the cannabis industry and what that might mean for stocks. They included Jay Czarkowski’s thoughts on Cresco Labs as an underrated stock.

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Expectations of the MORE Act

VP of Marketing Lisa Jordan provided perspective to Newsweek about what the MORE Act passing the House for a second time could mean if it lands on President Biden’s desk:

“…she believes that Biden would sign the bill if it reached his desk because of the “growing” public sentiment across the country toward legalizing marijuana.”

“Signing the bill would be positive for the cannabis industry and serve as a unifying topic across party lines,” Jordan said. “Without a doubt taking the final step to remove federal prohibition on cannabis would make a noticeable improvement in his ratings.”

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Start-Up Journeys: Investor Pitch

Founding Partner Jay Czarkowski put on his investor’s hat to join the “Start-Up Journeys” series from Highly Capitalized Network. Jay gave valuable insights and feedback to White Oak Apothecary as they are starting their cannabis business in Connecticut.

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Canada’s Cannabis Industry Bracing for Competition

The Financial Post covered the impact that U.S. legalization could mean for the cannabis industry in Canada and reached out to Founding Partner Jay Czarkowski for his insights:

“Nothing changes overnight if the MORE Act is signed into law because cannabis will still be managed at the state level,” said Jay Czarkowski, founder of Canna Advisors, a Canadian cannabis business consultancy. “Longer term, we’ll see market dynamics of increased competition as those who have been reluctant to enter the industry jump in.”

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How to Invest in Marijuana

Founding Partner Jay Czarkowski provided insights to U.S. News & World Report regarding investing in cannabis given the latest news on the MORE Act passing the House for a second time. The overall take is that “cannabis is a growth industry regardless of the progress on federal legalization.”

“Cannabis stocks overall have been trending down for the last year, and market caps are low,” says Jay Czarkowski, founding partner with Canna Advisors. “There is a tremendous upside for investors who get into cannabis now.”

Read more from Jay in the article.

Northeast: Next Hotbed for Cannabis Innovation

Founding Partner Jay Czarkowski spoke with host Pam Chmiel on The Mary Jane Society Podcast by Studio420 about our new office in Manhattan, the Pitch Deck competition, and overall thoughts on New York as the next hotbed for cannabis innovation.

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New York Retailer Application Process

Founding Partner Jay Czarkowski was interviewed on Fox5 New York about New York’s announcement of the first 100 adult-use dispensary licenses going to social justice applicants. Jay explained what applicants should put forward to set themselves apart:

“Capital, property, local support,” Czarkowski said. “I can tell you this, that if it came down to two social groups, one of which had the support of a local mayor or city council and one that didn’t, the group that has secured the local support is going to have the leg up to get that license.”

View the full clip and read the story.


Betting Big on Northeast Cannabis

Founding Partner Jay Czarkowski was a repeat guest on Seeking Alpha – The Cannabis Investing Podcast.

Jay talks with host Rena Sherbill about why he’s pushing all his chips into the Northeast. He covers the importance of controlling real estate and gaining local support in New Jersey and New York adult-use markets. Plus, Jay reframes thinking about interstate commerce and touches on top mid-tier cannabis stocks.

Take a listen. Or, read the transcript.

New York Cannabis: Market Outlook & Investment Competition

Jay Czarkowski was a repeat guest on Cannabis Law Report’s Karma Koala Podcast to discuss the Pitch Deck competition and New York market outlook.

Take a listen. Jay’s segment starts around the 1 hour 24 minute mark.

How to Win a Cannabis License in New York: 4 Tips for Success

Jay Czarkowski shares his advice for entrepreneurs looking to secure an adult-use license in the Empire State when the application process launches later this year.

Read Jay’s tips in Cannabis Business Times.




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