Facility Design

Facility Design that Improves Operational Efficiency While Maintaining Regulatory Compliance

Canna Advisors has deep expertise and demonstrated ability in cannabis facility design and construction. With a background in commercial construction and engineering, we know how to set-up your facility for the most efficient operation and fastest return on your investment. We have proven facility designs that give you an edge on the competition, so you can be first in your market with all the right pieces in place.

Each state has unique requirements for licensing, each written independently and modeled differently.

You may need multiple licenses: one for cultivation, another for manufacturing, and a separate one for distribution. Other states allow all three operations to be combined under one license. We can help you navigate your state’s regulations and licensing requirements.

Hiring key talent with the experience you need is necessary in setting up a productive and efficient cultivation process. There is great demand for knowledge from commercial greenhouse growers for responsibly produced cannabis and research is currently being conducted to find the optimal combination of light, energy and biology that will yield the best and most sustainable return.

Cultivation Facility Design

To get the most production possible out of your facility, proper facility design, workflow, and staffing are critical. Many first-time cultivation operators underestimate the importance of staffing knowledge of soil chemistry, plant health, and proper harvesting techniques.

Canna Advisors has experience in cultivation and understands the different cultivation methods that can be used today. Having experience in areas such as organic nutrients as well as hydroponic and soil-based growth, Canna Advisors can assist you with all your cultivation questions and factors unique to your situation and conditions.

Our in-house experts have backgrounds in cannabis cultivation, commercial construction, engineering, and development and know how to set up your facility for the most efficient operation and fastest return on your investment. We have proven facility designs that give you an edge on the competition, so you can be first in your market with all the right pieces in place.

A common pitfall of newcomers to cultivation is the time, money, and resources wasted from experimenting with new methods and testing. Our experienced team can help you avoid these common inefficiencies.

Manufacturing Facility Design

When starting a cannabis manufacturing facility, considering the latest technology, industry standards, and regulatory requirements are critical first steps.

The type of equipment for cannabis manufacturing depends on the size of your operation and the production levels you need to achieve. Your requirements may vary depending on which strains (and how many) you plan to produce, the area you live in, your production goals and your future plans.

No matter the size, you will need adequate plans that consider controlling the complex environmental factors of water, air temperature, air quality, and circulation. Our expert team can guide you through planning for the irrigation equipment, temperature control, air quality controls, and lighting that aligns with the size of your operation.

Dispensary Design

A new dispensary startup requires careful consideration to how you will hire and manage an efficient sales staff, contain costs, build customer loyalty, market your product, and brand your business.

Learning what works, who to hire, what security controls need to be in place, what products to sell, and how to transport and take delivery of your products are all part of getting your retail operation set-up and running efficiently.

Canna Advisors will help you brand and market your business, provide options for operating manuals, security camera placements and tracking systems for future audits as well as help you prepare for recalls if there is a product defect.

You’ll need security, employee handbooks, detailed knowledge about the strains to use for various medical conditions, as well as the composition of the compounds in each (for example, THC to CBD ratio). Each state has unique requirements for compliance. Packaging and labeling must meet regulatory requirements and you must have cameras in all areas of your dispensary.

Canna Advisors team members have extensive experience in dispensary design and management and can help you design your dispensary to be compliant, efficient, and competitive.

We can help you with your facility design

Whether you’re planning a grow and cultivation facility, a manufacturing space and warehouse, or a retail dispensary, meet with Canna Advisors design team to get all the right pieces in place.

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