A Decade Of Top Cannabis Consulting

2023: A Major Cannabis Industry Milestone

This year marks an enormous milestone for Canna Advisors—a decade in the industry! It’s still stunning to us that we have been proudly helping individuals and businesses across the nation since 2013. And we have no plans of slowing down as more and more states continue to open or expand their medical and adult-use markets. License pursuits may be our bread and butter, but alongside financial modeling, business planning, brand development, and advocacy work, Canna Advisors has been at the forefront of improving and expanding the cannabis space in a myriad of ways. 


From Dispensary To Decades Of Cannabis Consulting

Canna Advisors may have begun operating a decade ago, but our founders Diane and Jay Czarkowski have been in the cannabis industry since 2009 with Boulder Kind Care, one of the first Colorado state medical cannabis centers. Located in Boulder, Colorado—a hotbed of innovation and free-spirited ambition—the Czarkowski’s were instrumental in helping the state and its cannabis entrepreneurs create and manage groundbreaking legislation. At Boulder Kind Care, they provided high quality medical cannabis and wellness services to eligible cardholders. 

After beginning their dispensary operations in Colorado, the Czarkowski’s were approached by friends in Connecticut who were also interested in securing a medical license in that state’s upcoming licensing round. With the Czarkowski’s help, Canna Advisors’ first client managed to not only secure one of the very first Connecticut licenses, but sold their business for an astonishing $80 million.  

Since then, Canna Advisors has had hundreds of clients which have generated hundreds of millions of dollars through product development and sales, employment opportunities, nonprofit giving, mergers and acquisitions, and community engagement. We have worked in 37 states with Minnesota being our newest state. Most recently, Canna Advisors clients received licenses in extremely competitive states like Alabama and social and economic equity focused licenses in New York


Top Industry Recognition

As good industry partners with an advocacy bent which has existed since before Canna Advisors’ founding, we are entrepreneurial and investor advocates passionate about bringing new businesses to market and offering a path forward to everyone interested in finding their way in cannabis. Having been recognized by Cannabis Business Executive (CBE) as the #1 Consulting Firm and being awarded the 2018 Industry Excellence Award from the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) and the Outstanding member Award by The Arcview Group, Canna Advisors is thrilled with its successes over the last decade and excited about all the successes which are in store for the next decade.  

Choose Canna: Trusted Consultants for Over a Decade

For 10+ years, Canna Advisors has watched the industry change and evolve into what it is today. Our team has been involved in some of the first cannabis licenses in Colorado and some of the most recent licenses awarded in New York, while our work spans across 38 states and counting. If you’re planning to apply for a cannabis business license and need some guidance, our team of advisors can assist you from start to finish.

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