How in the World Did You Get Into This?

Maybe when you look at me you wonder – how did she get involved in the “pot business” ?

I mean, look at me!  I’m the classic Soccer Mom!  I have three kids, ages 7, 19 and 25.

Cannabis wasn’t on my radar for most of my life – not because I was against it but mostly because it was illegal.

When my husband and I were faced with a crippled real estate business, let’s just say a new opportunity came our way.

And although that’s an interesting story, what’s more interesting is WHY I STAYED IN IT!

As I began interacting with our customers, I heard the most amazing stories of courage and determination.

There was Sandy, the mother of two, ages 18 months and 4 who had been in a severe car accident that crushed some vertebrae in her neck.  She was on so much pain medication that she couldn’t interact with her children.  After trying cannabis, she was able to cut back on her prescriptions and resume most of her daily activities.  Most importantly, she was involved and connected again with her kids.

There was the sweet woman, Barbara, who lived in 4 mile canyon (a place in the foothills of Boulder) who suffered for years with migraines and found solace in a particular strain of cannabis we grew called Durban Poison.  She and her husband, Doug, would come by every few weeks.  They would always stay and chat.  Sometimes they would bring us a tray of cookies or some other gesture of gratitude for how much better she felt.  There was a severe fire in 4 mile canyon a few years ago and they lost their outbuilding but luckily saved their home.  During the time that they were evacuated we made them a little care package and they were moved to tears by that gesture.

There was Jason, who had a multitude of medical issues.  He came by a lot.  Sometimes he didn’t even purchase anything, but came to talk.  He befriended one of our employees and she was such a good listener.  He didn’t have his family’s support for using cannabis, so we became his family.

As I began to share some of these stories with my family, they became more aware of the conditions that could be treated with cannabis.

One day, my daughter, Madi came to me and asked me if I would talk to her friend’s dad.  He had recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.  Sure, I said and I called him.  I found out that Allen was actually in the hospital getting chemotherapy so I went there to help him with his paperwork.

I had just watched this man a year before, on stage singing and playing guitar with his daughter during a recital.  And when I saw him in the hospital, it was a stark contrast.  He was thin and pale.  He looked so weak.  The person I met a year before was so full of life and zeal and this man was just a shadow.

Over the next few months, I would visit him from time to time – bringing him his medication while he was in the convalescent home.  One day, he surprised us and came by the store.  He was using a walker and was having a hard time getting around.  His cousin had stopped to take him out for a ride and Allen asked him if they could stop by his dispensary.  He had never seen the inside!

Allen died a few months later, but I knew I had made a difference.  I told my daughter, Madi that she had made a difference, too.  If she hadn’t connected us, Allen may never have gotten the relief he received from cannabis.

Another time, my seven year old, Riga overheard some news on tv that someone was fighting a disease.  She asked, ”Mommy, can your medicine help them?”

“I think it could, Riga,” I answered.

Just a few weeks ago, my son, Tyler forwarded a message from one of his college professors.  Her husband has severe arthritis and is facing a double hip replacement.  His doctor told him he has taken so much ibuprophen that his liver was overtaxed. She just wanted to know what his options were.

These people and their stories have had such a tremendous impact on me and my family.

And what inspires me to stay in this industry is the possibility that I could be doing something good for someone else.  That I could change their life for the better.

And that feeling of empowerment is being transferred to my children.  How wonderful for them to feel that they have made a difference!

So that’s why I’m in this business and that’s why I’m going to stay in it until I know that anyone who WANTS to try this amazing plant can get access to it without the fear of criminalization, discrimination or dishonor.

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