How to Become a Low-Cost Cannabis Producer in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Cultivation Survival Strategy

Licenses have been given out and cannabis business are operational in Oklahoma. Harvest time has come for some folks, and now it is essential to analyze production costs and identify where problems may exist.

The market in Oklahoma will become saturated, driving the price per pound of cannabis down. The #1 cultivation survival strategy for Oklahoma cultivators is to have the processes in place to be the most efficient cultivator producing the highest-quality product, so that you are prepared to survive and thrive when competition moves in.

To analyze your operation:
Cannabis production questions

The answers to these questions can affect how efficiently you operate, and may be symptoms of problems that exist deeper in your operation.

We can help you troubleshoot

Contact us if you need help with your Oklahoma cannabis operation and we can provide you with the following:

  • Root cause analysis of operational issues
  • Inspection-readiness assessment
  • Training/SOPs to remedy problems going forward

Become a low-cost producer in Oklahoma by reducing costs and maximizing efficiencies.

Contact our experts now for a free consultation.

Ask about a full-day on-site assessment of your facility and operations so that you can survive and thrive in Oklahoma.

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