Medical Marijuana Initiatives in Missouri

Medical Marijuana Initiatives in Missouri

If you live in Missouri, there’s a good chance you support medical marijuana legalization. According to a recent Real Clear Politics poll, a majority of Missourians do. However, even if you live in Missouri and support legalization, you probably don’t know the differences between the three medical marijuana measures that will appear on the November ballot…and you’re not alone. Though all three would allow qualified patients across Missouri to access medical marijuana and would permit licensed businesses to grow, manufacture, and sell medical marijuana, they differ in significant ways.

Amendment 2 Overview
(aka the New Approach Missouri Amendment)

  • Type: Amendment to the Missouri Constitution
  • Tax: 4% sales tax goes to Missouri Veterans’ Health and Care Fund
  • Medical Conditions: Specifies 10 conditions and allows doctors to recommend medical marijuana for other conditions.
  • Purpose: to permit state-licensed physicians to recommend marijuana for medical purposes to patients with serious illnesses and medical conditions.
  • Est. Cost: $7 million annually
  • Projected Revenue: $18 million for the state and $6 million for local governments

Amendment 3 Overview
(aka the Bradshaw Amendment, so-called after Springfield, MO attorney and physician Brad Bradshaw, who self-funded the amendment)

  • Type: Amendment to the Missouri Constitution.
  • Tax: 15% sales tax goes to fund a state research institute and a 9-member Board, which includes Bradshaw himself.
  • Medical Conditions: Research Board will come up with list of medical conditions.
  • Purpose: to benefit the citizens of Missouri by providing for medical research to find and develop cures and treatments for cancer & other incurable and chronic diseases or medical conditions.
  • Est. Cost: $500,000 annually
  • Projected Revenue: $66 million

Proposition C Overview
(aka Missourians for Patient Care)

  • Type: Statutory Amendment (can be changed by lawmakers).
  • Tax: 2% sales tax goes to fund programs for veterans, drug treatment, early childhood education and public safety in cities with a medical marijuana facility.
  • Medical Conditions: Specifies around 10 conditions and allows doctors to recommend medical marijuana for other conditions.
  • Est. Cost: $10 million
  • Projected Revenue: $10 million

Vote Considerations

You’re probably wondering: “But what if more than one medical marijuana measure gets the necessary votes?” Generally, we know that the Constitution supersedes Statute, so Proposition C would be the first to go in the event of a tie. As for the Constitutional Amendments, a tie would go to whichever receives the most votes.

Diane Czarkowski and Tyler Stratford attended the Missouri Cannabis Industry Association (MCIA) Fall Business Conference in September. They met with many enthusiastic entrepreneurs, and Diane spoke to the crowd about how to prepare to win a license in a competitive marketplace.

The questions from the audience were thoughtful and showed that they are learning as much as they can in order to be prepared for legalization. People are very motivated to reach out to their communities and be a source of information for them. I was very excited to be in the area where I grew up and to see the progress being made. -Diane Czarkowski

Cannabis Advocacy

At the MCIA Conference, Diane championed Amendment 2 and gave Missouri entrepreneurs some insight into what they can be doing now to be prepared for legalization. She recommends connecting with local communities, championing a cause in the community unrelated to cannabis, finding a physical location, and raising plenty of capital. Aspiring operators should be focused on writing business plans and developing financial models to inform investors, and this information will also be used in state licensing applications.

However, the most important thing you can do between now and November is spread the word and get your friends and family motivated to vote. Many Missouri residents are in desperate need of medical marijuana and, if recent polling holds true, there’s a good chance help is on the way.

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