Webinar: Productization for Domestic and Global Markets

June 10, 2020|11:00 AM MST

Managing the supply chain to produce formulated retail-ready cannabis and hemp-based products in a GMP/FDA Regulated World

Episode #2 in the Vanguard FDA Regulation Webinar Series for Cannabis Processors, Manufacturers, and Extractors

Canna Advisors Founding Partner Jay Czarkowski joined experts from Vanguard Scientific and Rymedi for a panel webinar on June 10 at 11 a.m. MST. This discussion featured leading North American and global manufacturers of cannabinoid enriched products and ingredients to provide viewers an opportunity to ‘hear it from the field’. The group addresses and unpacks some of the highest barriers and challenges the industry faces as the world is introduced to cannabis-derived ingredients and formulated products.

FDA regulation will dramatically change the extraction game — if you’re not making the right moves now, there’s a 1 in 3 chance you’ll be out of business in 24 months.

What You’ll Learn:

• Supply-chain requirements through the lens of GAAP, GAAP, cGMP, and EUGMP
• Product market(s) fit: cultivation and extraction variations to meet consumer demand
• Understand the mind of the CPG buyer
• Requirements and restrictions
• Identify upcoming, high-performing product categories and assure your process is flexible
• Best practices and lessons learned
• Compliance, regulation, and process discussion

Whether you’re pre-construction, mid-project, or already up and running, this webinar provides relevant insight to help you properly assess your facility against expected requirements under federal regulation.

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