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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in New York

Rebekah Ward, a reporter with Albany Times Union published an article on the medical and recreational industries as a whole in New York and included commentary from VP of Business Development Bob Wagener.

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How Technology is Enhancing the Cannabis Growing Process

Krystina Morgan with Leaf Retailer talked with founding partner Jay Czarkowski about cannabis and technology.

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Michigan Cannabis Struggles in Competitive Market

Adrienne Roberts of the Detroit Free Press interviewed founding partner Jay Czarkowski about the quickly-changing dynamics of Michigan’s cannabis industry.

Read Jay’s perspective.

Colorado Pot Sales Headed For First Drop Since Retail Legalization

Matt Whittaker of NewsBreak Denver talked to founding partner Jay Czarkowski about the current state of cannabis sales in Colorado.

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Will Germany’s Cannabis Legalization Create a Ripple Effect?

Benzinga featured this international perspective written by founding partner Jay Czarkowski and project manager Brian Hart who has lived and studied in Germany.

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Real Estate Among Biggest Hurdles in Starting NYC Cannabis Business

Leonard Robinson, Commercial Real Estate Reporter with New York Business Journal talked with founding partner Jay Czarkowski about why real estate is one of the biggest hurdles for those starting a cannabis business in New York City. Robinson also talked with Canna Advisors Pitch Deck contestant Hammadur Bhandari of Grasse.

New York is going to have an enormous impact on the entire East Coast’s cannabis market,” Czarkowski said. “While using capital for real estate expansion comes with great risk, for some companies, it can reap true reward.”

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Proud to Work in Cannabis

Founding partners Diane and Jay Czarkowski were featured on Vangst’s podcast “Proud to Work in Cannabis.” Tune in to hear their reasons why building the industry is their mission.

Listen to the podcast.


NY Cannabis Investment: Pitch Deck Interview with Lisa Jordan

Pam Chmiel of The Mary Jane Society podcast by Studio 420 talked with VP of Marketing Lisa Jordan about the New York cannabis Pitch Deck competition. She explains the intersection of the need for capital to enter the market and Canna Advisors’ role as entrepreneurs, investors, and advocates in building the cannabis industry.

Take a listen.

Deli-Style Service at Dispensaries?

Option to Buy Cannabis from Jars Fading Fast at Dispensaries

Cannabis Business Times turned to the Canna Advisors dispensary consulting experts to gain insight into deli-style service at dispensaries given the proposed change in Oklahoma.

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Pitch Deck Contestant: Grasse

After learning about Grasse through our Pitch Deck competition, the Albany Business Review featured a story about the company and the brothers behind it, Munib and Hammadur Bhandari who are both University of Albany grads.

Read the story.

Is Cannabis Recession Resilient?

Boulder Weekly asked for Jay’s input for their article covering the speculation of a recession and how cannabis might fare in a serious downturn.

Read Jay’s input.

Interstate Commerce in 2022 & the Near-Term

Cannabis Business Executive published this article by founding Partner Jay Czarkowski on the topic of cannabis and interstate commerce. Jay flips the standard argument on its head and also sees the East Coast as a potential catalyst for change.

Read Jay’s article in CBE


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