Canna Advisors Contributes to New Cannabis Book

May 24, 2018

The staff of Entrepreneur Media, Inc. and writer Javier Hasse have joined forces in publishing a step-by-step guide to starting a cannabis business. When writing Start Your Own Cannabis Business, co-author Javier Hasse consulted with Diane and Tyler about different aspects of the evolving cannabis industry. From deciding your risk tolerance for a plant-touching business, to facing adversity, to the future of the industry, Canna Advisors consultants contributed insight and thought-leadership in the development of this entrepreneurial cannabis guide.

See excerpts from the book:
To Touch the Plant or Not: What Type of Cannabis Business Should You Start?
3 Questions to Help You Decide If You Should Open a Cannabis Business
A Closer Look at the Cannabis Market
How This Former Marine Turned His PTSD Into a Multi-Million-Dollar Business in 60 Days

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