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Building the Cannabis Industry: One Retailer at a Time

Canna Advisors CASA Retail Advisory Group is a team of expert cannabis Purchasing Managers/Directors, Buyers, and Inventory Managers solely focused on helping dispensaries lower costs and increase profit. CASA has gathered the best cannabis retail experts in the industry to work directly with you as your Procurement Manager and Buyer.

The Challenge for Dispensaries:

At least 57% of these cannabis dispensaries never reach profitability. The leading reason of dispensaries not achieving profitability is not environmental factors, it is inefficient and ineffective internal strategies. Inventory management is at the top of this list.

There are not enough qualified cannabis experienced Procurement Managers and Buyers to run the 9,000+ open dispensaries. We have put in the 10,000 hours to master the role and enable you to hire the best Procurement Managers and Buyers in the industry.

The Solution:

We are a team of cannabis Procurement Managers and Buyers with 20+ total years of experience in running successful dispensaries across the country, both small and large. We handle your inventory, purchasing, vendor management, systems and POS, and margin modeling as an integral part of your team.

Finding experienced and successful procurement managers can be the hardest and most costly hire for a dispensary. We fill that role.

CASA Cannabis Retail Advisory Services

How our Cannabis Retail Advisors Work with Dispensaries

We provide expert data driven services, processes and recommendations.

You maintain 100%  control of your  budget.

We generate POs based on our data driven Inventory Management Algorithm.

You make the final decision on all purchasing.

Key Dispensary Inventory Management Processes by CASA Retail Advisory:

  1. Financial Modeling
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. Market and local demographics assessment
  4. Vendor Relations / Negotiations and
  5. Brand Management
  6. Product & Menu Curation
  7. Pricing & Margin
  8. Inventory Management
  9. Ordering & Intake Processes
  10. Systems, POS & Inventory Management
  11. Projections, Forecasting & Reporting
  12. Promotional & Marketing Strategies

Solving the Biggest Dispensary Profitability Challenges

Hiring & Turnover

What does it cost you to hire, train, pay a salary + benefits, and then lose a key team member without warning?

Retail Efficiencies

Delivery schedules, Vendor Management Processes, Inventory Auditing Processes, Order Fulfillment processes, discrepancy

Data Driven Decisions

Do you make your decisions based on real time data, synchronized across all locations with precise accuracy?

Vault Space Management

Do you maximize your revenues and margins through effective vault space management?


The Solution for Dispensary Inventory Management: CASA People

The Proven A-Team — Only When You Need Them

Successes and benefits of the CASA dispensary inventory and purchasing experts:

  • Purchased $300m in wholesale cannabis products. Drove $500m in retail / dispensary revenue over past 5 years
  • Experience running single dispensary stores to large multi-stores (100-2000+ customers per day)
  • Inventory oversight for top dispensaries covering all states in the Northeast US
  • Provide benefit of 300+ strong relationships with top East & West Coast brands to bring best pricing early product drops & marketing spend
  • Bring partnerships and deep expertise with top POS providers
  • Transfer deep operational experience with inventory management, vendor management, margin modeling, brand and product mix, logistics, order management, and reporting

Enjoy the benefits of accelerated timelines and concentrated focus of cannabis industry specialties – at the right time.


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