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Entrepreneur Magazine: A Closer Look at the Cannabis Market

Our own Tyler Stratford was featured in Javier Hasse’s new book “Start Your Own Cannabis Business”:


“The industry is at about 5 percent of what it will be someday,” concurs Tyler Stratford, director of client operations for cannabis consulting firm Canna Advisors. “Even if the path forward isn’t straight, we’re certainly on a path forward. The tide has changed, and there’s no turning it back now.”

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Preparing for a Supply Bottleneck in the California Cannabis Adult-Use Market

In an article in the Cannabis Industry Journal, Diane Czarkowski gives insight into the potential for a bottleneck in the supply chain in California’s new adult-use cannabis market. Diane weighs in and gives advice on how businesses can be aware and prepare for a supply chain bottleneck.

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Jay Czarkowski Joins the Board of the New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association

Jay Czarkowski is the newest member of the Board of Trustees for the New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association. Jay joins other experienced and strategic trustees who contribute to the NJCIA’s mission of promoting sensible policy, responsible development, and growth of a legalized cannabis-based economy. As one of the original entrepreneurs, investors, and advocates in the cannabis industry, Jay brings his extensive knowledge and expertise of cannabis to this emerging state market. With the recent expansion of the medical marijuana program, and the current governor’s eventual goal of completely legalizing cannabis use, New Jersey is set to be a dominant force in the cannabis market.

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Lisa Jordan Featured in MJ Venture Magazine

Canna Advisors’ Director of Marketing, Lisa Jordan, sat down with Marijuana Venture Magazine to talk about where she’s been, what she’s doing for Canna Advisors, and her hopes for cannabis industry marketing. Lisa leads brand development and marketing strategy efforts at Canna Advisors for both the company and for clients. Her involvement in marketing the emerging world of wireless phones in 2007, and subsequent career in that corporate business sector, taught her a lot about building a growing industry. This experience has proven invaluable in her new efforts of building the legal cannabis industry.

“I think it’s about making people aware that we’re in this to help build the industry and not just for the financial piece of it. We see it as not just a multibillion-dollar industry, but also see it from the benefits it provides patients and consumers.”

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Canna Co-Founders Host Cannabis Radio Podcast

Advocacy, education, and community have been part of Canna Advisors’ core values since inception five years ago. Co-Founders Diane and Jay Czarkowski believe these areas are extremely important in building the legal cannabis industry. They sat down with the National Cannabis Industry Association and Cannabis Radio to talk about our advocacy, education, and community leadership efforts across the country.

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Diane Czarkowski Named Top Cannabis Entrepreneur of 2018

Canna Advisors Co-Founder Diane Czarkowski has been named to Herb Magazine‘s Top 10 Cannabis Entrepreneurs of 2018. She’s been influential in the cannabis market since its early stages, and has helped build it into one of America’s fastest growing industries.

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