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Diane Czarkowski Discusses Regulatory Enforcement in MJBiz Daily Article

Diane Czarkowski spoke to MJBiz Daily about the stricter stance and increased enforcement of state cannabis regulations, plus the push-pull between businesses and regulators.

“You have to remember that state governments are building their teams. As they bring in more tax revenue and licensing revenue, they’re able to mature their staffs.” -Diane Czarkowski


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Diane Czarkowski in MJBiz Daily: Lessons from Federal Hemp Legalization

Founding Partner Diane Czarkowski is quoted in MJBiz Daily‘s article, “What marijuana companies can learn from federal legalization of hemp”. Diane weighs in on what medical marijuana companies can expect once federal legalization is passed based on lessons from the hemp industry.

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Canna Advisors Guides Missouri-Led Teams to 29 Cannabis License Wins

Our team helped guide Missouri-based business teams to 29 cannabis license application wins in the state’s recent round of awards for its new medical marijuana program. While some of Missouri’s licenses were won by large corporations with operations in multiple states, Canna Advisors’ clients were teams made up primarily of local entrepreneurs seeking to build opportunities and serve patients in their communities.

Canna Advisors’ clients were awarded six cultivation licenses, eleven processor licenses, and twelve dispensary licenses, comprising nearly 10% of all the licenses granted in the state. Successful licensees represent a wide swath of Missouri’s geography, including St. Louis, Springfield, Kansas City, St. Joseph, Kirksville, Macon, Moberly, and Columbia.

Greg Huffaker Discusses Illinois Dispensaries in Chicago Tribune Article

Director of Client Services Greg Huffaker III is quoted in the Chicago Tribune article, “Marijuana dispensaries can boost foot traffic and sales at nearby businesses, but not every neighborhood wants a pot store.” Greg discusses how some cities, in states where cannabis is legal, keep dispensaries away from downtown areas by prohibiting retail shops near schools and daycare centers.

“Some in Colorado ended up in the outskirts of town because those were the only places that zoning allowed them. The individual layout of the town set back some (cannabis) businesses. Even if there were no daycares, if the area was zoned for residential, dispensaries couldn’t come in.”

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Jay Czarkowski Talks Oklahoma MMJ Price Wars

Jay Czarkowski spoke to MJBiz Daily about the major competition amongst dispensaries in Oklahoma and the price wars going on in the state.  The article, “Glut of Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries driving price wars” gives details about the pressure and competition dispensaries are facing.

“It’s going to be survival of the fittest. People get into cannabis because they think it’s going to be instant riches, but the reality is, it’s competitive. If you’re a dispensary, one of the big things you have to do is stay engaged with your patients and delight your patients, provide good customer service and good product at a good price.”

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Diane Czarkowski on MJBizTalks Podcast

Diane shared some of her insights with Marijuana Business Daily’s finance reporter, Nick Thomas, at MJBizCon 2019. The topics she touched on in this 10-minute podcast include:

  • Why social equity matters in the cannabis industry.
  • The drivers behind slowing capital for companies.
  • What business execs need to consider when looking to raise capital.

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