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Founding Partner on Cannabis Legalization News Podcast

Founding Partner Jay Czarkowski joined the Cannabis Legalization News broadcast to discuss winning license applications and the workings of the cannabis industry. Having worked with clients in 29 states and being an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry for a decade, Jay is an authority on licensing and business operations.


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Jay Czarkowski Quoted in MJBizMagazine

Jay has the closing quotes in the article “Building a management succession plan for your cannabis business” in the October issue of Marijuana Business Magazine. He speaks to the importance of hiring for culture fit and looking for people on the management level who can replace the owner.

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Cultivation Tips Featured in Cannabis Business Times

Garrett Cropsey‘s cannabis cultivation tips are featured in the Cannabis Business Times article “The Top 12 Mistakes Cannabis Cultivators Make”. He lays out the most common pitfalls for cannabis growers and gives advice on how to avoid them.

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Tyler Stratford Quoted in Weedmaps Article

Retail Operations Expert Tyler Stratford is quoted in a Weedmaps article about adding delivery service to a cannabis business to add service value for customers. He gives insight on the costs associated with adding delivery service to your business, pros and cons of hiring drivers, and tips for success.

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Founders Featured in Green Entrepreneur

Canna Advisors’ Founding Partners Diane and Jay Czarkowski are featured in Green Entrepreneur’s article “The Cannabis Industry 10 Years In: Reading The Room”.

In this article, our founders describe what a cannabis entrepreneur needs to look for when navigating the complex and ever-evolving cannabis industry.

Reading the room in the cannabis industry is a big part of what we do every day to secure licenses for clients, while providing guidance to their businesses. But every state is a different room to read.

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Canna Advisors Expert Gives Advice on Building Your Cultivation Team

Our Cultivation Operations Expert, Frencis Perret-Gentil, offered entrepreneurs some insight about building a long-lasting cultivation team in an article titled, “Three Ways to Build a Team That Stands the Test of Time”.

His top 3 recommendations are:


  1. Early in the application process, invest in a qualified Director of Cultivation that has the education, experience, and personality to run a successful operation.
  2. Hire the cultivation team strategically with the long-term goals in mind. 
  3. Establish a company culture where the owner and DOC take care of employees. 


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