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Team Travels Spring 2019

The Canna Advisors team has lots of traveling on the calendar this spring! Our experts are on the ground in 17 cities in 11 states, plus British Columbia. From Oklahoma and Pennsylvania to Missouri and Michigan, to Boston, NYC, Jackson, New Orleans, and beyond, catch different team members on the road in different states across the country. Our great group of cannabis consultants will be speaking at events, meeting with clients and policy makers, doing early advocacy work in potential markets, and connecting with aspiring entrepreneurs who want to continue #buildingtheindustry with us.

Schedule to meet our cannabis experts at these events or 1-on-1 in the cities where they’ll be to see how we can set your cannabis business up for long-term success.

Check out our events page to see which cannabis industry events we will be attending and contact us if you need guidance with your cannabis business.


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Canna travel map | Spring 2019

Advice on Growing Better Cannabis for Extraction

Canna Advisors cultivation operation expert Frencis Perret-Gentil was featured in a recent MJBiz Magazine article about how “Cultivating marijuana that’s ideally suited for extraction requires a specified approach beyond simply growing the best possible plants.”

In this article, Frencis shares insight about genetics, cultivation methodologies and techniques, timing of harvests, and pest management. As our expert on growing cannabis plants and managing operations, Frencis has extensive knowledge of inventory programs management, THC/pesticide/mold/spore testing, hydroponic SOPs and regimes, advanced propagation methodologies, and genetic development and crossbreeding.

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Diane Czarkowski Interviewed by Cannabis Financial Network

Canna Advisors Founding Partner Diane Czarkowski was interviewed by the Cannabis Financial Network at the NCIA’s 2019 Seed-to-Sale Show in Boston, Massachusetts. Diane sat down with CFN Media to talk about the evolution of her involvement in the industry, what’s happening for Canna Advisors and the cannabis industry, and her hopes for the future.

One of the most challenging things about owning a business in this industry is trying to stay ahead of all the change and prepare for it. It’s not uncommon for us to experience… a significant kind of disruptive change every 6 months or so.”

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Colorado cannabis businesses share what they’ve learned since legalization

Our Founding Partner Diane Czarkowski was recently featured in Marijuana Business Magazine‘s article, “Pioneering Advice”. Diane provided some insight into what it means to start a business in this industry.

“What we have experienced in Colorado holds true in other states as well,” said Diane Czarkowski, founding partner at Canna Advisors, a cannabis consultancy in Boulder. “As one of the first businesses to open in a new market, you have to accept your responsibility to be involved in the development of the industry.”

The rest of the article focuses on what it takes to start a business in a new recreational marijuana market. Our experts here at Canna Advisors know the process of a starting a business in this industry from brand development to operations readiness. Schedule an appointment with us today to get started.

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Weathering Change in the Cannabis Industry – Tidal Royalty Corp

Canna Advisors Founding Partners Diane and Jay Czarkowski were recently interviewed by Tidal Royalty Corporation in the piece,“How Cannabis Companies Can Weather Change”. The article focused on the ever-changing landscape of the cannabis industry and how entrepreneurs can keep their companies afloat.

“You have to be flexibe,” says Jay Czarkowski. “The biggest issue in terms of anticipating change is changes to regulation … being able to roll with and adapt — and also just financially weather change — is a big challenge.”

Change is the only constant in the cannabis industry, which our Founding Partners know from running a vertically integrated operation in Colorado for several years and now a successful cannabis consulting company. From high tech and real estate to building and operating their own dispensary and cultivation facility, Diane and Jay have worked well together for years, and they are passionate about continuing to build the cannabis industry by helping entrepreneurs across the country launch their cannabis businesses.

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Marijuana Business Magazine: Tips for Onboarding and Training New Budtenders

Canna Advisors team member Tyler Stratford, was a featured contributor in Marijuana Business Magazine‘s article, “How to Keep Top-Tier Budtenders”.

“Scheduled training and onboarding sessions get (new employees) off on the right foot,” said Tyler Stratford, a cannabis retail operations expert and director of strategic partnerships at Canna Advisors, a Colorado cannabis consulting firm. -Tyler Stratford

As our Retail Operations Expert, Tyler provides vast hands-on expertise to clients in operations readiness, from staff development and training to the strategic implementation of key business platforms and Standard Operating Procedures. Here are a few ways he suggests retailers can successfully train and onboard their budtenders:

  • “Support ongoing education: Greenflower Media, Cannabis Trainers and BDTNDR provide online training, certifications and resources for budtenders. Companies also can pay to have budtenders complete Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) training.”
  • “Train your budtenders on standard operating procedures.”
  • “Some states prohibit cannabis sales-based incentives, so consider other ways of compensating employees. Offer profit sharing, increase health care contributions or provide quarterly performance bonuses”
  • “Cross-training is helpful, too; it allows new employees to explore other areas of operation and future growth opportunities.”

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