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Michigan’s Marijuana Industry: Watch to Watch in 2022

Adrienne Roberts, business reporter with Detroit Free Press talked to our own Bob Wagener, about the cannabis industry status in Michigan, entering the cannabis space, and any possible movement at the federal level.”

“Six years ago, it took a lot of guts to get into the cannabis industry because of the stigma attached to it,” said Wagener. “That’s really just dissolved over the years. People now see cannabis as an exciting new industry and opportunity. It’s really pulled in a different type of professional.”

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Growing Through a Labor Shortage

“The Great Resignation” is affecting just about every industry in the country, but cannabis is still growing strong. See what Founding Partner Jay Czarkowski had to say about jobs and talent in the cannabis industry in this Boulder Weekly article.

Space for Small Cannabis Companies in the Northeast?

Founding Partner Jay Czarkowski provided his opinion on whether there is space for small cannabis companies in markets like New Jersey and New York in this Cannabis Business Executive feature. See what Jay has to say about market size and maturity, deep pockets, carving your own niche and when to get in [hint: as soon as you can].

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Veterans in Unexpected Roles in Cannabis

The Marijuana Times published an article from founding partner and veteran Jay Czarkowski about roles and opportunities for veterans in the cannabis industry.

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Jay Czarkowski on Anderson Porter Design’s Podcast

Jay Czarkowski talks with industry colleague Brian Anderson of Anderson Porter Design about jobs in cannabis and other components of cannabis as a good neighbor.

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