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Canna Advisors Named to 100 Cannabis Leaders of 2018 List

Canna Advisors is honored to be included on Green Entrepreneur‘s “100 Cannabis Leaders 2018 List” in the Legal & Consulting category.

The cannabis entrepreneurs and their companies on this list were selected to help showcase the diverse range of products and services in the industry. Businesses were chosen across 10 different categories — not only to share product innovations, but also to elevate the myriad of services needed to assist entrepreneurs in navigating this complex industry, from legal services to tech solutions.

It takes a certain combination of passion and fearlessness to face uncertainty and seize opportunity despite the risks, and that’s what this list is all about. The inaugural Cannabis 100—produced by Green Entrepreneur and PRØHBTD—celebrates those brave entrepreneurs who fought to change societal perceptions, found innovative solutions to problems, and built a multibillion-dollar industry one plant at a time.

Green Entrepreneur is a new source for news, tips, education, and inspiration covering the exploding cannabis industry. They publish how-to guides, ideas, and expert insights for entrepreneurs looking to start and grow a cannabis business.

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Forbes Article: Adult Cannabis Market Could Kill Its Medical Counterpart

Diane Czarkowski shares her cannabis business insight with Forbes in their recent article “Why The Adult Cannabis Market Could Kill Its Medical Counterpart.” There are differing opinions on this issue because there are a number of factors to consider, but Diane asserts that, “It is too burdensome for businesses–whether cultivation, processing, or dispensary–to maintain two separate business structures.”

“Also, as long as medical programs specify which conditions are recognized, there will always be patients who are excluded from access.” -Diane Czarkowski

In addition, Diane thinks that in order to make the convergence a win-win for patients and business owners in the long run, there will need to be a system that maintains some level of medical status or designation so that medical consumers can access medically focused products, do not have to pay any excise taxes, and so that cannabis can eventually be covered by insurance.

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Founding Partners Interviewed on Cannabis Radio

Diane and Jay Czarkowski were interviewed at the 2018 NCIA Cannabis Business Summit by Cannabis Radio about their experience at the show in San Jose, California.

The power couple gave their takeaways on the Summit and what they experienced during the show. They also discussed the foundational services Canna Advisors offers to clients like licensing application and business development help, and also talked about Canna’s newer focus around start up, operations readiness, and growth & optimization services.

“It’s great to get out and meet some new potential partners to work with and always great to reconnect with folks we’ve worked with from the early days in the industry.” -Jay Czarkowski

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Canna Advisors Named to Cova’s Top 5 California Cannabis Consultants

Canna Advisors was recently recognized as one of the top cannabis consulting firms on Cova’s list of the Top 5 Cannabis Consultants in California. The list was put together as a resource to help entrepreneurs with their legal cannabis businesses in California, and we are honored to be a part of this list.

As the cannabis industry continues to develop, navigating the complexities and ever-changing state regulations can be a challenge for entrepreneurs, and using a consultant can ease the frustration and give them a clear path to success. Canna Advisors has been building the cannabis industry for the last 5 years by helping entrepreneurs in every phase of business, whether they need full-scale support through the entire process or focused efforts during critical phases.

Our experts have helped clients with businesses in 28 states, plus Puerto Rico, Guam, and Canada. Call us today and see how we can put your cannabis business in a position for long-term success.

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Canna Advisors Adds Four Team Members to NCIA Committees

Four team members of Canna Advisors have been selected to serve on various committees that are a part of the National Cannabis Industry Association. These volunteer-driven efforts engage members’ expertise and passion to drill down and effect change, provide professional development opportunities, and develop best practices and guidelines that will shape the future of the cannabis industry.

Lisa Jordan will serve on the Marketing and Advertising Committee (MAC), Michelle Whitmore will serve on the Human Resources Committee (HRC), Garrett Cropsey will serve on the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), and Greg Huffaker III will serve on the State Regulations Committee (SRC).

It is an honor to have so many Canna Advisors team members chosen to represent the cannabis industry in this way, and each of our valuable teammates is excited to contribute to furthering a responsible, ethical, and sustainable industry.

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Diane Czarkowski Featured in Authority Magazine

As an authority and original pioneer in the cannabis industry, Diane Czarkowski shares her advice, insight, and stories with the readers of Authority Magazine in a unique interview. Authority magazine shares interesting feature interviews from top experts in business, film, sports, and tech to draw out stories that are empowering and actionable. Top lessons from top authorities are shared in a way that “should feel beautiful to the mind, heart, and eyes.”

In this in-depth interview, Diane talks about everything from her past challenges, inspirational mother, support system, and current industry concerns to personal stories, accomplishments, advice, and lessons she’s learned along her life journey.

Fueled by a passion for helping others, Diane has carved out her place in the cannabis industry as a business owner, caregiver, and mother. She is intent on sharing her knowledge to empower young entrepreneurs and making the plant more accessible to those who need it most.

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