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Fetty Wap on Why He’s Betting on the Intersection of Cannabis, Crypto and Gaming

The Drum quotes Greg Huffaker:

And experts think the idea may just work. “[Grow House] seems like a fabulous idea,” says Greg Huffaker, director of client services at cannabis business consultancy Canna Advisors. “It used to be a joke around industry professionals that when you went to an industry event in California, someone’s gonna say ‘blockchain and cannabis’ inevitably, but this is the first time that it’s something that seems to make sense to me.” Huffaker says we’re likely to see the emergence of more and more companies trying to unify the gaming, crypto and cannabis cultures. “I think there are a lot of modern millennials and gen Z people who occasionally consume cannabis and occasionally play video games, so it makes sense you combine them.”

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Why Voting For Cannabis Doesn’t Always Equal Cannabis Legislation?

Benzinga featured this timely article from our cannabis regulatory and legislative expert, Greg Huffaker.

People vote for cannabis legalization. State after state, millions of voting Americans check yes on cannabis. Most of these voters understandably assume that’s the end of the story, and their government officials then go out and create a cannabis program. Those millions would be surprised to learn this is not the case all too often.

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Legalization Means New Jobs for New Yorkers

Jay Czarkowski talked with Aaron Smith of High Times about what jobs cannabis legalization in New York can bring to the state.

From the article:

Jay Czarkowski, founding partner and CEO of Canna Advisors, said that Colorado’s real estate market was “in the tank” when the nascent cannabis industry arrived, which he credits for pulling real estate out of its recession.

New York is also showing signs of real estate revitalization, with GTI’s ex-prison pot plant project. But it’s good to remember that the green rush, like the gold rush, is no guarantee for cash-strapped job seekers.

“They think it’s instant riches and it’s money up to the elbows,” said Czarkowski. “Just like any other industry, there will be those who do well and there will be those who fail. There’s no guarantee to success because it’s weed.”

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CoStar: Commercial Real Estate Flurry in New Jersey and New York?

CoStar talked with Jay Czarkowski and Greg Huffaker for their insights about the potential for New York and New Jersey marijuana legalization may spark a flurry of commercial real estate activity.

“Finding the right property can be your ticket to that license,” said Greg Huffaker III, director of client services for Boulder, Colorado-based Canna Advisors, a consulting firm.

Despite their initial and long-term challenges, New York and New Jersey are both going to be huge cannabis markets, according to Jay Czarkowski.

“Ultimately, we advise our clients based on their passions and access to resources, and both markets will have enough variety of licensure to satisfy many different goals,” he said.

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New Cannabis Ventures: 5 Essential Ideals for Federal Legalization

Should federal cannabis legalization follow any particular state’s example?

See what advice founding partner Jay Czarkowski gave in this interview with New Cannabis Ventures.

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Mann Report: Real Estate Feature

The Mann Report featured this article by Diane Czarkowski in their May 2021 issue: Adult-Use of Cannabis & COVID-19 Boost Commercial Real Estate

Read about the positive impacts cannabis can make on commercial real estate markets.

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