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Canna Advisors Named a 2018 “Champion of Change”

The Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CWCC) named Canna Advisors a 2018 “Champion of Change” in the Small But Mighty category. The Champions of Change award is given to companies that are leading the charge to advance women in business.

The organizations chosen for this award are those that have made it a priority to increase diversity, provide family-friendly benefits, and address the wage gap. They make it an integral part of their strategy to encourage more women in leadership and develop a pipeline for emerging female leaders. Canna Advisors is proud of our company culture and our fearless females who make it a priority to mentor, guide, and support women inside and outside of the cannabis industry.

Several of our women will be attending the award ceremony in Denver on November 13, 2018 which recognizes and celebrates all of the organizations that are championing women in Colorado. As a small business, our company is defined by our culture, and we are delighted to be recognized for our efforts in creating a positive, supportive, and encouraging environment for our team members.

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Greg Huffaker III Interviewed by Denver 7 News on Canadian Legalization

Our Director of Client Services, Greg Huffaker III, headlined Denver Channel 7 News on October 17, 2018. Greg gives his thoughts and expertise on what Canadian cannabis legalization means for Colorado’s cannabis companies and the potentially negative effect it will have on the industry.

“I think you could see a loss of business of people who decide to never come here, who are thinking about starting a cannabis business and Colorado was at the top of that list until today.” -Greg Huffaker III

Another drawback that we could see in the U.S. due to Canada legalizing cannabis on the federal level is a “brain drain,” with talented industry leaders and innovators leaving the U.S. for our Northern neighbors’s cannabis-friendly market.

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Cannabis Facility Design Tips from Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson, our Director of Field Operations, shares his tips and expert consulting insight on building your cannabis facility the right way in an interview with Ganjapreneur.

The right approach entails spending smart money for detailed design engineering on the front end, which ensures a smoothly executed construction project on the backend. -Luke Wilson

As Director of Field Operations, Luke directs the team that serves as an extension of the client/owner, representing their best interests through engineering, construction, staffing, and operational startup/improvement. His experience leading the buildout and construction of Tilray, the 1st cGMP certified pharmaceutical-grade cannabis facility and research center, provided Luke with his first major cannabis facility design lessons.

Learn more about what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your cannabis facility design, and contact our expert cannabis consultants if you need help building a cannabis facility the right way.

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Lisa Jordan Interviewed on Cannabis Social Media Marketing

Lisa Jordan, our newly-promoted Vice President of Marketing, was recently quoted in WikiLeaf about the difficulties that cannabis brands face when trying to advertise cannabis products or services on social media platforms. Social media platforms are major marketing tools for companies in this digital age, but with the federal government’s classification of cannabis as a Schedule I drug, many companies are hesitant to take money from cannabis businesses.

“There is no guarantee that any type of marijuana message won’t be taken down on the social media platforms,” said Jordan. “LinkedIn is the only cannabis-friendly platform, the only one that hasn’t given us problems with sponsored posts.” -Lisa Jordan

While there are tips and tricks to fly under the radar with advertising on some platforms, Lisa maintains that “You can fly under the radar for a while with those tricks, but sooner or later, they’re going to notice and they’re going to shut you down,”…“Any action is fair game to be taken down.”

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Canna Advisors Named to 100 Cannabis Leaders of 2018 List

Canna Advisors is honored to be included on Green Entrepreneur‘s “100 Cannabis Leaders 2018 List” in the Legal & Consulting category.

The cannabis entrepreneurs and their companies on this list were selected to help showcase the diverse range of products and services in the industry. Businesses were chosen across 10 different categories — not only to share product innovations, but also to elevate the myriad of services needed to assist entrepreneurs in navigating this complex industry, from legal services to tech solutions.

It takes a certain combination of passion and fearlessness to face uncertainty and seize opportunity despite the risks, and that’s what this list is all about. The inaugural Cannabis 100—produced by Green Entrepreneur and PRØHBTD—celebrates those brave entrepreneurs who fought to change societal perceptions, found innovative solutions to problems, and built a multibillion-dollar industry one plant at a time.

Green Entrepreneur is a new source for news, tips, education, and inspiration covering the exploding cannabis industry. They publish how-to guides, ideas, and expert insights for entrepreneurs looking to start and grow a cannabis business.

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Forbes Article: Adult Cannabis Market Could Kill Its Medical Counterpart

Diane Czarkowski shares her cannabis business insight with Forbes in their recent article “Why The Adult Cannabis Market Could Kill Its Medical Counterpart.” There are differing opinions on this issue because there are a number of factors to consider, but Diane asserts that, “It is too burdensome for businesses–whether cultivation, processing, or dispensary–to maintain two separate business structures.”

“Also, as long as medical programs specify which conditions are recognized, there will always be patients who are excluded from access.” -Diane Czarkowski

In addition, Diane thinks that in order to make the convergence a win-win for patients and business owners in the long run, there will need to be a system that maintains some level of medical status or designation so that medical consumers can access medically focused products, do not have to pay any excise taxes, and so that cannabis can eventually be covered by insurance.

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