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Advice on Cannabis Packaging from VP of Marketing Lisa Jordan

Lisa Jordan, our VP of Marketing, spoke to Greenway: The Missouri Cannabis Industry Publication on cannabis packaging strategies that apply to Missouri‘s new medical marijuana market. An expert in brand development and marketing strategy, Lisa discusses the importance of compliance and presenting a consistent brand image in cannabis product packaging.

“At its simplest, that means child-proofing everything. At the most complex, that is making labeling that doesn’t “junk up” your packaging, yet complies with all regulations. That can be a graphic designer’s nightmare and requires a good bit of creativity — and staying vigilant about knowing if and when regulations change.”

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Greg Huffaker III Quoted About Maine’s Stalled Cannabis Program

Director of Client Services, Greg Huffaker III, shows his broad scope of regulatory and program knowledge in a Post Herald article about the slow rollout of Maine’s adult-use cannabis program. He talks about Governor LePage’s anti-cannabis position and how it has greatly affected the program’s progress.

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Founding Partner on Cannabis Legalization News Podcast

Founding Partner Jay Czarkowski joined the Cannabis Legalization News broadcast to discuss winning license applications and the workings of the cannabis industry. Having worked with clients in 29 states and being an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry for a decade, Jay is an authority on licensing and business operations.


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Jay Czarkowski Quoted in MJBizMagazine

Jay has the closing quotes in the article “Building a management succession plan for your cannabis business” in the October issue of Marijuana Business Magazine. He speaks to the importance of hiring for culture fit and looking for people on the management level who can replace the owner.

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Cultivation Tips Featured in Cannabis Business Times

Garrett Cropsey‘s cannabis cultivation tips are featured in the Cannabis Business Times article “The Top 12 Mistakes Cannabis Cultivators Make”. He lays out the most common pitfalls for cannabis growers and gives advice on how to avoid them.

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Tyler Stratford Quoted in Weedmaps Article

Retail Operations Expert Tyler Stratford is quoted in a Weedmaps article about adding delivery service to a cannabis business to add service value for customers. He gives insight on the costs associated with adding delivery service to your business, pros and cons of hiring drivers, and tips for success.

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