Cannabis Investing 2020: Takeaways from the Arcview Investor Forum

Insights for Cannabis Investors & Businesses in 2020

As active cannabis industry investors and Lifetime Members of The Arcview Group, Diane and Jay Czarkowski attended Arcview’s first Investor Forum of 2020 to learn more about what’s on the horizon for cannabis investing. Read on to glean insight into what experts are saying about the future of cannabis industry investments.

Top Takeaways

2019 was a year of growing pains and uncertainty for the cannabis industry — especially for public companies — but there are valuable lessons to be learned from these struggles.

“In 2020 and beyond, cannabis entrepreneurs will have to prove they can execute on big ideas instead of just pitching them — investors will want to see solid, well-thought-out business plans regardless of how much outside capital has been raised.” -Diane Czarkowski

Top takeaways from the L.A. Arcview Investor Forum:

  • Despite industry issues like stocks dipping and layoffs abounding, the cannabis industry is still strong.
  • Many companies with high valuations raised large amounts of money but spent it unwisely. Great ideas with lack of execution leads to bad investments — investors will be more shrewd going forward.
  • Turmoil in the cannabis industry makes solid business plans with detailed financial models even more essential for securing capital.

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