The Top Cannabis Blog Posts of 2020

A Year for Cannabis in Retrospect

2020 has been one of the most trying and economically volatile years in our lifetime. Yet, with all of the uncertainty, we’ve seen monumental wins for the cannabis industry that will shape its success for decades to come.

Here’s what’s covered in our look back on the top cannabis blog posts of 2020:


2020 Election Winner: Cannabis

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2020’s election saw a clean sweep of all five state ballot initiatives, creating excitement for the coming economic benefit to those regions. Read our take on the results and why this may very well be the greatest year for cannabis to date:

How Cannabis Won


1 Way to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Cannabis License

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The secret is out! Correction: it’s not actually a secret nor is it new. Our original advice from May of 2019 still holds true today and it’s something we follow to heart when working with all new entrants into the cannabis industry.

See The #1 Way


Mid-Atlantic Markets:What To Do While You “Wait”

mid-atlantic state bridge

The Mid-Atlantic region has been a hotbed of legislative discussion and the one thing we hear from clients all the time is “I wish I’d started sooner.” Learn the difference between active waiting and idle waiting and how to plan ahead.

See What To Do


Daily Briefings: Cannabis & Covid-19

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Cannabis hasn’t been immune to the pandemic. In this briefing we’ve covered resources for adapting to the outbreak.

Read The Briefing


4 Steps For Getting Started In A New Cannabis State

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Not all state legislation is created equal and behind the excitement of cannabis legalization is a complex set of regulations and competitive factors.

See our 4 universal steps to take when cannabis enters a new state.

See The 4 Steps


Lessons from the Past Decade

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Ready to be done with 2020? So are we! Back in January, we put together a list of lessons from the past decade to apply to the second “Roaring 20s.” Regardless of everything that’s happened this year, see why these lessons will still apply moving into the new year.

Read Our Breakdown


License Application Prep: 3 Foundations to Consider

cannabis consultants

Starting a cannabis application on your own? Learn the 3 most basic elements to consider and assemble early on in the development process.

The 3 Foundational Elements


Active Season for Local California Applications

cannabis license application

California continues to offer numerous opportunities for new entrants. Learn about the 12 cities that opened up applications in September and October.

Read The Full Post


Michigan’s License Application Requirement Breakdown

cannabis michigan

Michigan’s cannabis business regulations have been unique to say the least. In April, we broke down our guide to license application requirements at both the state and local level.

Review The Requirements


Oklahoma Cannabis Market: Survival of the Fittest

oklahoma cannabis

Oklahoma has been by far one of the most open yet competitive cannabis markets to date. Tons of opportunity means tons of room for problems. Learn how to survive and increase your chances of winning a license.

How to Survive


The Top Runners-Up


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