Four Team Members Selected for NCIA Committees

National Industry Impact and Perspective

We are honored that four of our team members were selected to serve on NCIA committees for the 2018-2019 term which began at the NCIA Summit & Expo in late July.


Lisa Jordan, who also spoke at the Summit, serves on the Marketing and Advertising Committee (MAC).

Michelle Whitmore will serve on the Human Resources Committee (HRC).

Garrett Cropsey will serve on the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC).

Greg Huffaker III will serve on the State Regulations Committee (SRC).

NCIA committee members

Expanding our Expertise

Diane and Jay have built a team with deep and broad bench strength. Each team member shares an energy and passion for helping cannabis become the next great American industry, and these four committee members are going above and beyond their day-to-day office commitments in order to provide extensive knowledge and value to our clients and the industry as a whole. With these placements, we are able to directly contribute to nationally published content, increase our collective industry knowledge, and provide thought-leadership on important industry issues and challenges.

The MAC committee’s focus is on furthering conversations with major media outlets like Facebook and Google about allowing cannabis businesses to advertise products and services on these platforms. The HRC is a new committee that will focus on providing education and resources for wage and hour law and compliance, and also work to develop industry best practices for talent management and organizational development. The SAC committee advises all other NCIA committees to ensure any formal recommendations are scientifically sound, sustainable, and legitimate. The SRC committee¬†reviews and analyzes industry-specific regulations, and also writes white papers for lobbyists to use when pushing for national policy and state regulatory reform.

We know that with a strong, collective voice, we can effect change that enhances quality of life, improves communities, remedies social justice issues, and builds a diverse and inclusive industry. We will continue to work with the NCIA and other industry organizations across the country to act as stronger advocates, together.

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