Successful Show in San Jose

The Canna Advisors team had a great trade show experience in San Jose, California at the NCIA Cannabis Business Summit & Expo at the end of July. We had a terrific opportunity to connect with clients in person, learn about new product and service industry offerings, and engage with many new people about how we help entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. Diane and Jay also had an opportunity to speak to Cannabis Radio about the Summit and their takeaways from the show.

Crowd-Pleasing Presentation

A large crowd gathered to hear Lisa Jordan, our Director of Marketing, give tips and advice on building brand loyalty and taking cannabis brands mainstream. She also provided a helpful questionnaire that is now available for download to help determine direction for your own branding exercise.

5 Years of Industry Perspective

Being in the cannabis industry for the past five years and attending this show over time, it has been fascinating to see how much attendance and exhibits have changed to reflect the ever-evolving industry. We used to see mostly lighting and nutrient companies, but now there is a wide range of companies that attend. This year, we saw everyone from consultants, lawyers, marketers, and accountants, to innovative technologies, alternative banking solutions, and software systems.

We have seen many booths come and go over the years, and it’s interesting to see which companies have lasted in the cannabis industry. It’s an accomplishment to have been operating for this long, and we are proud to continue building a responsible, sustainable industry.” -Greg Huffaker III

Expert (Trade Show) Guidance

The Summit had a lot of new vendors exhibiting this year, and while that meant we got exposure to new offerings in the industry, it could be overwhelming to entrepreneurs trying to figure out exactly what they need to be successful. This show presented a great opportunity for us to help our clients cut through the clutter and point them to the products and resources that would benefit their business the most. This advice is especially beneficial when it comes to the Start Up phase of business because so much money and time is wasted in the design and engineering process.

Continuing Industry Impact

Another exciting part of our trip to California was having four of our team members attend their first NCIA Committee meetings of the year. Canna Advisors was honored with four team members getting placed on different committees within the NCIA which aim to effect change, provide professional development opportunities, and develop best practices and guidelines that will shape the future of the cannabis industry. Having representatives from our team on these national committees enables us to raise the voices of our clients in each state that we work in and better serve their needs.

Click here to check out the fun photos from the NCIA #CannabizSummit in California!

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